Learning how to learning with a disability

My kid is such as smart guy but he struggles to sit still and complete assessment tasks. I knew that I needed to learn more about how to get people with sensory processing disabilities to learn effectively. It turns out that by using some of the latest teaching techniques and some additional teaching resources such as wiggle chairs and fiddle balls which can help kids to focus. My son has had such great results with a different style of teaching which is why I wanted t start this blog. It should be useful for parents and teachers of kids with sensory processing issues.

How To Make The Most Of Your Child Care Centre

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Child care centres are a fantastic resource for parents who need to work and want their children to begin their social life with others their age. Child care centres can be used up until primary school, and often they offer after-school care hours for school-aged children as well. if you want to utilise them, then there are a couple of things you should think about before you sign your child up for one. With a bit of forethought, you can maximise the experience your kid will have and springboard their school life.

When To Sign Up

Of course, the best time to sign up is as soon as you need to, but with a little planning, you can get your child into the best child care centre in your area. Exclusive child care centres often do not accept new applicants throughout the year, making it tough to get your kid into them. However, at the start of each new year, a lot of kids that are now old enough to go to school will leave these child care centres, and spots will become open. That is why it is best to sign up at the start of the year, so you have the most options about where to send your kid. During the year you will likely still get a spot in a child care centre, but it might be far away or have a worse reputation.

Prepare Them Before You Send Them

This is a big experience for your child and an important milestone in their life. You should try and prepare them for this change in their routine as best you can with a couple of different methods: 

  1. Mimic a child care centre's schedule. By doing this, you can ease your child into the rhythm of what to expect when they get there. This is especially important for infants.
  2. Introduce your child to some other kids their age. Get them into a playgroup so they can meet other kids before they are overwhelmed on their first day at the day care centre.
  3. Go to any open days there are. If your child care centre has an open day, make sure to go to it so your kid can meet the people they might be spending their time with.

Talk To Them About It

It is so easy to think you know everything about your child and what they need, but as they grow they will start to understand how to process their environment and how to communicate what they want or are feeling. If your child is old enough to talk, then talk to them about their day and really hear what they have to say. If they feel left out or sad, then encourage them and talk to the people there to try and remedy this. The best way to resolve these issues is to take your child seriously and work to improve their misgivings.


29 October 2019