Learning how to learning with a disability

My kid is such as smart guy but he struggles to sit still and complete assessment tasks. I knew that I needed to learn more about how to get people with sensory processing disabilities to learn effectively. It turns out that by using some of the latest teaching techniques and some additional teaching resources such as wiggle chairs and fiddle balls which can help kids to focus. My son has had such great results with a different style of teaching which is why I wanted t start this blog. It should be useful for parents and teachers of kids with sensory processing issues.

3 Steps to Get Your Child Ready for an Early Learning Centre


Early learning centres are good for parents who want professional help to give their kids a good head start. These centres equip children with the right developmental skills by providing opportunities to talk, play and interact with other kids in an enabling environment. Here are some steps you can follow to get your child ready for an early learning centre.

Work on Communication from the Start

You can build language skills by openly communicating with your child from the beginning. Be as expressive as you can with your words and actions and encourage your child to do the same. Tell your child what you are doing and why you are doing it to encourage them to think. Get your child to interact with as many adults and children as possible so that he or she feels confident while speaking and communicating. This open communication will help your child further develop socially and mentally at the early learning centre and will make it much easier for you in the future.

Start Working on Developing Independence

An early learning centre will work on enhancing certain skills to give your child the best possible head start. You can start the process by working on developing a child's independence from young. For example, teach your children to dress, feed and visit the toilet themselves. You can also show them how to pour drinks and practice how to tie their shoelaces. While they may take longer to achieve certain tasks, they will develop essential skills needed to become strong, independent little humans.

Take Your Child to Play with Other Kids

Children often take a long time to feel comfortable at a playschool or early learning centre because they are only used to their parents and have not interacted with other children. This can happen because parents are busy and can't find the time to take the children outside. Find playgroups and playgrounds near you to take your kids to. If you have neighbours with small kids, organise play dates so your children learn to interact with others quickly. No matter how busy you are, it's important to ensure that your child learns to play with other children from young so that he or she is able to fit into any environment without much difficulty. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future.  

Preparing your child from young will help them reap all the benefits an early learning centre has to provide.


30 April 2018