Learning how to learning with a disability

My kid is such as smart guy but he struggles to sit still and complete assessment tasks. I knew that I needed to learn more about how to get people with sensory processing disabilities to learn effectively. It turns out that by using some of the latest teaching techniques and some additional teaching resources such as wiggle chairs and fiddle balls which can help kids to focus. My son has had such great results with a different style of teaching which is why I wanted t start this blog. It should be useful for parents and teachers of kids with sensory processing issues.

Experienced Drivers: 3 Reasons to Sign Up for Driving Lessons


If you passed your driving test long ago and have many miles under your belt, you may not think of booking yourself in for another driving lesson. After all, with your vast experience and knowledge of the roads, why would you need any more instruction? However, your driving may not be as good as you believe it to be, so in some circumstances, an additional driving course is just what is needed, even if you already have a driving licence. Below is a guide to 3 reasons you may want to consider signing up for driving lessons.

Insurance Rates

Unfortunately, insurance rates are only going one way—up! However, you may be able to combat a rate hike by completing a driver training course. These driver training courses will help you to refresh your existing skills while also encouraging you to develop new ones. Completing a driver's course will help to reassure your insurance company that you are a skilled driver and may allow you to qualify for a reduced rate of insurance. 

Tickets and Accidents

If you have received many speeding tickets or been involved in a road traffic accident, you will understand how costly these can be. Not only can speeding tickets carry a hefty fine or court cost, but they can also drive the cost of your insurance. Accidents will involve an insurance claim, which will also push up the premium which you need to pay. By taking a driving refresher course, you can learn the skills you need to help you to avoid breaking the speed limit and to reduce the chance that you will crash your car. After a few years of trouble-free driving, you should start to see the cost of your insurance fall.

Driving Abroad

If you are relocating to become an ex-pat or if you are planning a driving holiday abroad, you may have to drive on the other side of the road. Not only can driving on the other side of the road be confusing, but it can also make operating the cars controls complicated, as the location of the driver's seat and gear stick will be reserved. Signing up for a driving lesson as soon as you arrive in the country will help you to familiarise yourself with the help of a trained instructor who understands local traffic laws.

If you would like to find out more about the benefit of signing up for driving lessons, you should contact a driving school today.


19 May 2017