Learning how to learning with a disability

My kid is such as smart guy but he struggles to sit still and complete assessment tasks. I knew that I needed to learn more about how to get people with sensory processing disabilities to learn effectively. It turns out that by using some of the latest teaching techniques and some additional teaching resources such as wiggle chairs and fiddle balls which can help kids to focus. My son has had such great results with a different style of teaching which is why I wanted t start this blog. It should be useful for parents and teachers of kids with sensory processing issues.

Two Reasons to Invest in Order Picker Forklift Training

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Order picker forklifts are used on a regular basis in many warehouses, factories and other industrial settings. This type of machinery is not as simple to operate as it may initially seem; if used by an untrained individual, the consequences could be disastrous. Here are two specific reasons why business owners who keep this equipment on their premises should invest in order picker forklift training for their employees.

To prevent injuries and fatalities

Incorrect usage of an order picker forklift can (and often does) result in fatalities and severe injuries. If the person operating this equipment has not undergone the relevant training, the chances of them making a serious error are very high.

For example, if they have not been taught about the importance of evenly distributing the materials that have been loaded onto the forks, the machinery could end up toppling over and crushing a passer-by. Likewise, if they do not have a thorough understanding of how to secure the materials they are loading onto the forks, these items could easily fall off the forklift and hit someone who is walking or standing nearby.

Lastly, if their lack of training has led to them having a poor grasp of how to use the machinery's controls, they may not be able to perform an emergency stop when they need to; this might lead to them accidentally hitting or running over another member of staff.

These scenarios can easily be avoided if those tasked with using this machinery are provided with the appropriate training. An order picker forklift training course will educate individuals about all of the potential risks associated with operating this machinery and provide detailed explanations of how to mitigate these risks.

To prevent damage to the equipment and the facility's inventory

An untrained employee operating an order picker forklift is far more likely to make mistakes which could end up costing their employer a significant amount of money.

Their lack of knowledge might, for instance, lead to their improper handling of the inventory they are attempting to pick up and transport. They may accidentally overload the forklift or fail to distribute the load correctly; this could then cause the inventory to fall off the forks when the operator starts to move the forklift. If the materials in question are fragile, the impact of this fall would almost certainly destroy them. The costs associated with replacing this damaged inventory could add up very quickly.

An untrained operator will also be ill-equipped to identify and address maintenance issues. If maintenance work is not carried out on a forklift on a regular basis, it is far more likely to break down; this, in turn, can have a negative impact on productivity levels in the facility (as a broken-down forklift would affect the speed with which materials are transported around the building).

Poor maintenance of the machinery could also drastically reduce its overall lifespan and thus result in the business owner having to incur the cost of purchasing a replacement machine. 


20 April 2017